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L.A.E. (Lengua Adicional al Español) 1


Turtles, particulary seaweed, are more than 150 million years living on beaches and coasts,may disappear in the coming years bacause six of turtles that the oceans are in danger of extinction.
-Weingth:Between 350 and 450 kg.
-There is length: 50 to 80 cm.
-There is longenvity: 100 years.
-There is habitat: Mountains and coast.
-There is food: Carnivorous (sponges, crustaceans, and occasionally fish).
-There a play: Puttung about 100 eggs hatching, between 30 and 65 days.
-This funtation is responsible for helping these species as their main threat is the destruction of the coast, the tourist pressure on the beaches, marine, pollution and ilegal hunting of these animals.
We need you hlep!
Send donations to the account of Banamex and Santander: 1112588668 the nameecology / sea in return you will receive: Information on the life of your turtle, a 20x30 photo of the turtle, an interactive CD. We need your collaboration to save these turtles for these species from disappearing in the Yucatan.

"Breast Cancer" in Mexico 2006
Breast cancer is a serious threat to the health of women worldwide and is a priority not recognized in middle-income countries.
Mexico since 2006 reveals that breast cancer causes more deaths than cervical cancer. This condition is the second leading cause of death in women aged 30 to 54 years of age and affects all socioeconomic groups. Detection data, although underreported, show 6000 new cases in 1990 and is estimated to increase to over 16500 new cases annually by 2020. Moreover, most cases are self-and only 10% of all cases are detected in stage I. Social security in Mexico covers about 40 to 45% of the population and includes treatment of breast cancer. Since 2007, the population without social security is entitled to breast cancer treatment through Seguro Popular. Despite this, services are lacking and interventions for early detection, particularly mammography, is very limited. Since 2006, only 22% of women aged 40 to 69 years underwent a mammogram in the past year. Barriers exist on both the demand and supply. Advocacy, education, awareness and articulated policy response are important to ensure greater coverage, access and acceptance of both treatment and early detection.In 2006, breast cancer had become the second most common cause of death among women in Mexico from 30 to 54 years and the third most common among the group of 30 to 59 years.

B. Write the questionnaire

1. How often do you eat cakes and cookies?______________
2. How often do you eat fruit and vegetables?______________
3. How often do you run in the park?________________
4. How often do you do exercise?__________________
5. How often you eat junk food?___________________
6. How often you drink sodas?_____________________

D. Write a short paragraph about your healthy and unhealthly diet and exercise habits. Be honest!

 I have a balanced diet.
I usually eat fruit and vegetables every day, do exercise one a week, eat meat every day, run in the park a twice a month, eat junk food one  a week, I usually not drink sodas frequently.
I drink juice and smoothies fruit.

 "My Activities...."


an the weekende
Habits/activies before school
ofter school



Chat online

Out with friends

Go for a walk
Take care of my nephew
Wath TV

Almost  never
Go to the park

Listen to music



The good student
·         Always studies before a test.
·         Always organize your books.
·         Never talk to your friends in school hours.
·         Always respect your classmates and teachers.
·         Always get up early.

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Acerca de mi...!!!!

Nombre: Sofia Janelly Arieta Marin

Edad: 15

Grado:1er semestre


Lo que me gusta de mi familia es que auque tenga malas y buenos momentos siempre voy a contar con el apoyo de ella, mi familia es todo para mi y siempre pasamos buenos momentos... :)

           Chino & Nacho -- "El Poeta"

Mis paginas favoritas...!!

Mis apiraciones para mi futura es ser una arquitecta profesional o una chef profesional en donde tenga un trabajo asegurado y pueda trabajar bien. Tener una casa y una familia muy bonita como la que he tenido hasta ahora y con hijos.

Yo decidi entrar  al Colegio de Bachilleres Cancún Uno porque siempre me dijieron que es una de las mejores escuelas que hay en cancún, que preparan muy bien a los jovenes para que sean grandes profesionistas.

Lo que espero del Plantel y mis Profesores que me ayuden a hacer un gran profesionista con las enseñanzas que nos dan los profesores para un futuro bien.

En 10 años tener una carrera profesional de Arquitectura, tener un empleo y tener una familia muy bonita y con hijos y estar muy feliz en mi vida nueva como arquitecta.